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God Is In Your Mind – 2006

Paints, Various Liquids, Furniture and Text

In God Is In Your Mind a corner of a fictitious artists studio is re-constructed; a small laboratory of thought caught in a moment of inaction. The installation displays the message; ‘god is in your mind’, as if to illustrate a eureka moment following a long period of fruitless work.

Through taking everyday objects; paints, artists materials, drawing equipment and furniture, and arranging them to illustrate a moment of potential, the work forms part of an ongoing investigation into thought and materiality. Often connected with ideas of detachment and un-consciousness, where messages are said to flow un abridged from one part of the brain to another, can the integration of the mind form a new goal for creative action, and is this essentially at odds with religious thinking?

God Is In Your Mind is part of a series of works exploring consciousness, belief and the theory of bicameralism. Bicameralism argues that the human brain once assumed a state known as the ‘bicameral mind’, where cognitive functions were divided between one part of the brain that appears to be speaking, and a second part that appears to listen and obey. In the bicameral human, unconsciousness could be described as a separation of mind, as opposed to conscious integration.