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De Conditioning Chamber – 2016

Timber, Neon, Bark, Security light, Paint, Chair

De Conditioning Chamber takes form as a participatory project comprising of a pre fabricated building housing an experimental device. The interior is pitch black and the floor is coated in pungent wood bark, giving a strong fermenting smell and uneven walking surfaces. Entering one at a time participants are plunged alone into a disorientating space of total darkness. Finding a chair the individual participant is then faced with a blinding neon text, pulsing intermittently at a specific frequency. Contrasting with the darkness of the interior the message leaves a dazzling after glow, punctuated again by complete darkness

De Conditioning Chamber provides an intimate experience and the opportunity to explore deeply held beliefs, with participants taking part one at a time. The installation investigates relationships between belief and mortality, death awareness and how it affects the choices we make.