Future Dreaming - 20011 - 2015

Future Dreaming is a multi media project initiated by Guyan Porter centred around a series of new contemporary art exhibitions and events in the South East of England. It explores systems for imagining and creating the future and how visions of the future are affected by the analyses and depiction of present day events.

With riots taking place across Britain in August 2011 desolate language of chaos and double dips became the norm in main stream media, with new ways being found to depict the selling and control of the future. Generations were being marginalised and misrepresented in the news as the language of the economics of fear became ever present. 

What impact does such propaganda have on individuals, communities and young adults facing the future? How does language affect our ability to imagine and create alternative futures? 

Future Dreaming explores these subjects from a critical and empowering perspective. Along with a central exhibition the project combines  peer review, web based dialogues, philosophical dialogue events and an integrated education programme.

For further information see - http://www.futuredreaming.org